ASMF12th edition

The AMAYSIM ASMF is an annual festival showing on the big screen the best and greatest surfing action and ocean beauty. This event has started in 2002, an original idea by Tim Bonython.

Swellchasers, welcome to slab lands, new release 2015 by Tim Bonython Productions is the original version as seen in the Australian Surf Movie Festival touring event, Nov/Dec2014.
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We thank all our sponsors who have help to put the event on the road.
About the film:
Swellchaser, welcome to slab lands showcases one year of traveling chasing monster swells around the globe. Shot and directed by award winner cinematographer, Tim Bonython.
Filmed on Sony f5 and epic cameras, Swellchasers is a documentary on the Ocean and how surfers can enhance the majestic of the ocean. The documentary won’t disappoint and include one the best rides of the year by the most courageous and bold big waves surfers on the planet.
Featuring: Mark Mathews, James Hollmer-cross, Russell Bierke, Dean Morrison, Mick Corbett, Bradley Norris, Chris Ross, Jason Polakow and many more…
Location: Australia – Fiji – Tahiti –
Cinematography: Tim Bonython – Greg Huglin – + POV

Length: 104 min
Language: english

Swellchasers is a film for all who appreciate the Ocean, to all ages and generations.

If you came to watch it on the big screen during our Nov / Dec tour, thank you!
If you missed the festival while on tour, we are now bringing to you on digital.

This film has received great reviews from our festival goers. It is currently screening in Hawaii.
Enjoy! and thank you for support independent surf film making.


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