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Title: ENCODED Available NOW                       on demand English/French As seen in the ASMF tour
RUN TIME: 52mins Director: Tim Bonython Release date:  08/2014 Format: DigitalDVD and bluray

For all ocean lovers of all ages and generation.


First, there was BLACKWATER: the story of a place called Teahupo’o, then there was MAYDAYZ, and now there is ENCODED: the story of the most dangerous wave continues…
The team is reunited to put together a great documentary on 2 extraordinary days in 2013 that made history in Tahiti’s most infamous surf spot, Teahupo’o. With the whole world watching, the world’s best surfers gathered in front of the media who crowded the ocean with their boats. The swell is huge. It is non-stop action – a MASSIVE eventful few days. Featuring surfers Mark Matthews, Shane Dorian, Laurie Towner, Alex Gray and Koa Rothman, who puts himself on the map by surfing the biggest wave of the day. With interviews with the surfers and the media, to get the inside stories from all angles, you get a first hand account of what happened, how it happened and what it was like to be there. Special guest Nick Carroll provides compelling narration. Watch it now

Director and cinematographer Tim Bonython talks about his new movie, ENCODED.

“Tahiti is everything in surfing. It is steeped in surfing history and is such a beautiful, scenic location that is home to a wave that has forged its own identity in a very short time. With my close relationship with Tahiti and the fact I have already done two documentaries [Blackwater and MayDayz] on Teahupo’o, the world’s most dangerous reef, I decided to continue the story with ENCODED.

The title ENCODED came from the fact that when surfers and media (like me) watch the swell maps and weather patterns, we look to see what colour code the storms come in. When a storm is BIG, the swell generated is coded with a colour: Code Red is a very big swell over 20 feet, Code Purple is even bigger (25 to 30ft) and Code Black is a ‘batten down the hatches and shut down the harbour’ kind of swell; in other words, deathly.

Over the years of chasing swells and going to some of the most challenging surfing locations, I have realized that the better spots don’t give a great break every year. In fact, even at the most exciting surf locations, you sometimes you have to wait 3 to 5 years to get that one moment that makes it awesome. Teahupo’o is one of those places. When they do come, these events always create historic moments where a monster wave is caught and the world sits up and takes notice.

In 2011, I documented the famed CODE RED swell that hit Tahiti’s coast. It was 20 to 30 feet, extremely dangerous and, amazingly, turned up right in the middle of the Billabong Pro. For the next 2 years after that, we never got a swell close to the Code Red. Then, last year, in both May/June we got two monster swells within two weeks! Thankfully, I was there to capture both swells.

BLACKWATER The story of a place called Teahupo’o, made back in 2003, was the first installment in the story about Teahupo’o. My last documentary of the spot (and the follow up to Blackwater) was MAY DAYZ, made back in 2005, so I felt it was time to continue that evolving story with ENCODED, featuring those two crazy swells from last year.”

ENCODED the latest documentary by Tim Bonython available now on digital in English and in French with french subtitles

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