ENCODED surf documentary by Tim Bonython


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RUNTIME:         120 min Director: Tim Bonython Release date: 08/2014 Format: PAL


Bonus segment on dvd and bluray:
[ Tahiti, Teahupo’o 2014] + the WINNER of the ASMF11 Short Surf Film Competition 



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The title ENCODED came from the color coded swell charts associated with massive swell events. Teahupo’o’s coding system is embedded into our mind. Code Red is a very big swell over 20 feet, Code Purple is even bigger (25 to 30ft) and Code Black is a ‘batten’ down the hatches, supposedly closed to ocean activities. Over the years of chasing swells and going to some of the most challenging surfing locations, we have realised that the better big wave spots don’t break “all time” every year. Teahupo’o is one of those places. These events always create historic moments where a monster wave is caught and the world sits up and takes notice.
In 2011, we documented the famed CODE RED swell that hit Tahiti’s coast in the movie IMMERSION.
It was 20 to 30 feet, extremely dangerous and classified All Time.

For the next 2 years, we never got a swell close to the size of Code Red. Then, May and June 2013 Teahupo’o had two monster swells within two weeks!

BLACKWATER The story of a place called Teahupo’o ,made in 2003, was the first installment. Then MAY DAYZ followed in 2005 made famous with the near death experience of Raimana’s jet ski
going over the fall.

It was time to continue that evolving story with ENCODED, documenting all major events occurring on 2 historical days in 2013. The wipeouts, the drama, the biggest wave of Koa Rothman. The imagery is breath taking, conducted with informative interviews and narrated by Nick Carroll. This documentary provides
a different perspective on a location that has been prolifically covered by the surf media.

A must see for all ocean lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Features surfers: Shane Dorian, Alain Riou, Manoa Drollet, Billy Kemper, Dean Morrison, Mark Mathews, Simon Thornton, Mark Healey Kalani Chapman, Reef MacIntosh, Wade Goodwall, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Baptiste Gossein, Garrett McNamarra, Laird Hamilton, Koa Rothman…
Bonus segment on dvd and bluray:
[ Tahiti, Teahupo’o 2014] + the WINNER of the ASMF11 Short Surf Film Competition 


ENCODED the latest documentary by Tim Bonython also available now on digital in English and in French with french subtitles



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