Trouble with the DVD purchased?

My DVD won’t play!

Is it a Blu-Ray or a Standard Def DVD?

If nothing comes up on screen when the DVD is inserted, please eject it and reinsert it. If nothing comes up again, the DVd is not compatible with your player. Please note: Standard DVDs will play on a Blu-Ray player, but Blu-Ray will not play on standard def DVD players.

Try alternative ways of playing the DVD. eg. my BluRay player will not play dvds unless I use the ‘enter’ button on the remote. We do not understand why this problem occurs.

I am playing my Blu-Ray DVD from my Sony Playstation and 10 min into the movie, an error code appears on the screen or on the player.

We have done some research and this error is independent from our Blu-Ray DVD.

Reference of this issue online: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3/PS3-Bluray-Error-80010017-Fixed-Finally/td-p/6694120

If you do not have a Blu-Ray player to play the movie on besides a Sony Playstation, we can exchange the Blu-Ray, providing it is not damaged, for a standard DVD. We will refund you the difference in the cost.

Email us on sales@surfingvisions.com with your issue and order reference number.

Return the Blu-Ray copy to:

Tim Bonython Productions – PO BOX 561 – AVALON BEACH – NSW – 2107