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Tim Bonython has made a lot of films over the years, and in making those films, Tim has shot an impressive list of memorable Sessions that have stayed in the can until this moment.
SESSIONS brings out many highlights from those years, some of the main ones being 2008 Teahupo’o April Massive Swell and the 2008 Backdoor Shootout where the Hui ran the best event in 5 years- 3 days of perfect 6 to 15 foot Pipe & Backdoor. We also look at some of the better moments of of the 2007 / 2008 North Shore season which included the moment where it was too big to run the Eddie, but Garrett McNamara decided to prove them wrong anyway! Then there was the ultimate Superbank, shot inMay 2007 – flawless perfection.
SESSIONS takes you to Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania for one of the biggest sessions filmed there. Tim ventured back in April 08 & scored great shots again – so we threw that in too! Surfline voted the Three Days @ OURS session the best of the year…and so we show you a whole new edit featuring the infamous Bra Boys doing what they do best! Going out with a bang we take you back to Teahupo’o, Tahiti, for the ever so documented Halloween Swell – the session that shook the world – shot November 2011.
Plus as a bonus segment we’ll take you back to WA April 2011 and look at Sessions shot at North Point & Super Tubes. Tim’s track record for quality is second to none…SESSIONS has massive quantities of quality!


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