SESSIONS 2 Slab Hunter


Sessions 2 takes us on a journey to witness the most amazing surfing that Australia has to offer.
Over the last 10 years, surfers with a passion to surf big evil slabbing waves have been looking long and hard to find the perfect slab.
Australia has a massive coastline that is exposed to some huge ocean swells – hence with the aid of jet skis these SLAB HUNTERS have been able to conquer waves that in the past were “unsurfable”.
Big wave surfing is well & truly alive in Australia with some of the spots like Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania & The Right in WA getting more notice in the general media than some WCT (world touring event) competitions. Sessions 2 exposes us to some of Australia’s best fearless surfers taking on what we mere mortals would think as pure insanity. In Sessions 2, Tim Bonython shows us what is really going on here in Australia & overseas in tow surfing.


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